Pennsylvania Legal Resources

Pennsylvania Bar Foundation– The Pennsylvania Bar Foundation was created in response to the organized bar’s desire to become more involved in public service. We work to improve the public’s understanding of the law and our judicial system.

Supreme Court of Pennsylvania– The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania is the highest court in the Commonwealth and the oldest appellate court in the nation.

Pennsylvania General Assembly – Use this site to view the text of bills, resolutions, and amendments, or visit our session information page for other legislative information needs.

Pennsylvania District Attorney Directory– Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association aims to assist the membership in the pursuit of justice and in all matters relating to the execution of their duties.

Pennsylvania Attorney General– The State Constitution provides that the Attorney General shall be the chief law enforcement officer of the Commonwealth and shall exercise such powers and perform such duties as may be imposed by law.

Philadelphia Legal Resources

Philadelphia Municipal Court– The Philadelphia Municipal Court is a court of limited jurisdiction with 25 law-trained Judges, and as such is responsible for trying criminal offenses carrying maximum sentences of incarceration of five years or less, civil cases where the amount in controversy is $12,000 or less for Small Claims.

Philadelphia Bar Association -The Philadelphia Bar Association aims to serve the profession and the public by promoting justice, professional excellence, and respect for the rule of law.

Philadelphia Central Library– The Free Library of Philadelphia aims to advance literacy, guide learning, and inspire curiosity. Its vision is to build an enlightened community devoted to lifelong learning.

Philadelphia Zoning Codes– The Philadelphia zoning codes regulates development within the city. Zoning regulations govern land use, the height and bulk of buildings, population density, parking requirements, the placement of signs, character of development on private property, and property uses.

National Legal Resources

Legal Information Services to the Public (LISP) – Resource containing information on how to research a legal problem for non-lawyers.

4M Communication– With our background in digital marketing, we’re able to work with your marketing department to fully integrate all of your marketing channels. From your PR campaign, to your social media plan and the analytics behind it all – we’ve got you covered.

National Consumer Law Center – The nonprofit National Consumer Law Center has used its expertise in consumer law and energy policy to work for consumer justice and economic security for low-income and other disadvantaged people in the US since 1969.

National Legal Resource Center – The National Legal Resource Center Reader is a collaborative effort developed by the United States’ Administration on Aging.

National Legal Aid and Defender Association – The NLADA provides resources to the public defense community through support, training, and professional development.

Credit Report Lawyers – As many as 1 in 3 Americans have errors or mistakes on their credit reports, and as many as 1 in 5 Americans have errors or mistakes that are serious enough to affect their credit scores to point of being denied new credit or refinancing existing credit. Too many consumers currently face unwarranted financial dilemmas as a result of inaccurate credit reporting. Credit report errors can impact one’s ability to retain current employment and affect one’s ability to obtain new credit, get a car loan and even secure insurance.

National Wrongful Death Laws by State – Wrongful death claims are brought on behalf of the Estate of a person whose death was caused by an underlying legal event such as negligence, accident, product failure, or medical malpractice.

Technical Advisory Service for Attorneys -TASA delivers timesaving, targeted referrals to quality expert witnesses in all fields and all locations, for plaintiff or defense. Our experienced referral advisors work with you to pinpoint your specific expert witness criteria and connect you with expert witnesses who are available to discuss your case.

International Legal Resources

United Nations International Law – The home of the United Nations International Law page. Learn more about related UN bodies, thematic areas, UN offices, news, tools, and plenty of other international resources.

International Bankruptcy Resource – Comprehensive and definitive resource for restructuring professionals. has been helping people in debt crisis for over 20 years.

Global Legal Information Network – The Global Legal Information Network is a database of the official texts of laws and other complementary legal materials from a growing number of jurisdictions throughout the world, compiled by the United States Library of Congress.

ICCLR – The International Centre for Criminal Law Reform promotes the rule of law, democracy, human rights, and good governance in criminal law and the administration of criminal justice on a domestic, regional, and global scale.

Criminal Defense Legal Resources

National Crime Prevention Council – The NCPC’s mission is to be the nationwide leader in helping people keep themselves, their families, and their communities safe from criminal activity.

Drug Crime Prevention – Preventing drug use and drug crimes before they begin is the most cost-effective approach to solving drug-related problems and promoting safe and healthy communities.

Shoplifting Prevention Methods and Statistics – Shoplifting ls a major crime that costs companies billions of dollars each year. This expensive addiction affects nearly 1 in 11 people (both children and adults) daily all over the world. Common items stolen range from groceries to high-end electronics that can be stolen in a variety of different ways.

Safety and Injury Prevention Resources

American Trauma Society – The American Trauma Society is committed to eliminating the occurrences of needless death and disability from traumatic injuries.

National Association of Injury Prevention – The Center for Disease Control Foundation forges effective partnerships between the CDC and other organizations to fight threats to health and safety.

Vaccine Injury Resource Center – Perhaps you or a loved one has an illness or injury that occurred after vaccination. Maybe symptoms appeared suddenly. Maybe doctors cannot explain the cause of the illness. Learn more about severe side effects and reactions to vaccines.

Preventing Electricity Injuries – Electronic devices are a necessity in everyday life, but if not used properly, they can cause safety issues. Use your electronics safely with these tips to prevent physical damage or fires in your home

Preventing Heavy Lifting Injuries – If you’re moving, you’ve probably got a lot of big boxes and other heavy objects the lift. Learn about how to be safe while moving and how to prevent injury to yourself and to others.

Preventing Furniture Injuries to Children – On a daily basis, many people don’t consider their furniture to be a threat to their child. And yet, every day, a child is harmed by a piece of furniture. Televisions are the most common causes of furniture tipping injuries, causing traumatic brain injuries or abdominal trauma.

How Long Should You Wait to Enter a Room It’s Painted? – Understanding the time needed to safely re-enter a freshly painted room is crucial for your health and well-being. By considering the type of paint, ensuring proper ventilation, and following general safety guidelines, you can enjoy your newly painted space without the risk of adverse health effects from paint fumes. Always prioritize safety and when in doubt, err on the side of caution and allow more time for the paint to cure and the fumes to dissipate.

Birth Injury Resources – Birth injuries can take on many forms and vary in severity. Please understand that a birth injury is different than a birth defect. While a birth defect is generally caused by a genetic condition or toxic exposure inside the womb, birth injuries are generally caused by poor prenatal care, the birth process or deficient post-birth care. Therefore, birth injuries can be caused by negligence.

Preventing Accidents When Driving in the Winter – Driving becomes more difficult throughout the winter season. Wet, slick roads can quickly freeze when temperatures drop, causing roads to become icy and dangerous. By taking certain precautions and being mindful of the roads, we can safely navigate the roads this winter

Are Charter Buses Safe? – Charter buses are an extremely safe way of traveling. From school trips to special events, group tours, sporting and corporate events, hiring a coach bus to transport your group is a great, safe way of getting from one place to the next. Via Trailways has been a trusted name in the motor coach industry since 1982.

Other Law Firms Throughout the Country

Daggett Shuler Attorneys at Law– Daggett Shuler is dedicated to protecting the rights of victims injured in accidents, of workers hurt on the job, and of people who are in need of Social Security Disability benefits.

Philadelphia Workers Compensation Lawyers – Martin Law is one of the largest law firms in Pennsylvania in which all partners are certified in Workers’ Compensation Law, and our attorneys have co-authored multiple editions of Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Practice and Procedure, relied upon as the gold standard for those who practice in this area of the law.

Henson Feurst– We know the first step in obtaining legal help is often the most stressful. Whether you’re worried about the cost of hiring a lawyer or how you’re going to get to our office, Henson Fuerst is committed to serving clients however we can.

NC Land Law– Whether you’re a new homeowner or your family has owned the same land for generations, we understand how frustrating and costly it can be to lose control of your property. You need a law firm with the knowledge and resources to guide you through the eminent domain process.

The Disability Attorneys of Michigan– Our firm features a team of highly skilled attorneys and case managers focused on one thing – helping disabled people in Michigan obtain the benefits they deserve. When an entire law firm dedicates itself to practicing one type of law they do it better. We know disability. We know the ins and outs of filing a claim, filing appeals, and appearing in court. We also know the devastation that can occur when benefits are wrongfully denied, and that makes us fight harder.

Bankruptcy attorney in Kansas – Mack and Associates is a Kansas bankruptcy law firm helping families get out of debt in Topeka, in Kansas City, KS and in their surrounding areas.

Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer – In all personal injury cases, Law Office Of Phillips, Worthington and Allen P.A. provides aggressive representation to injury victims.

Criminal Defense Attorney Florida – The Chauncey Law Firm, P.A., with offices located in Live Oak, Lake City and Jacksonville, Florida, provides a broad range of legal services to businesses and individuals throughout the North Florida area.

Southern California Sexual Harassment Attorney – A highly knowledgeable Sexual Harassment Lawyer located in Southern California, Attorney Brian Hannemann is a ferocious litigator who never backs down from a case.

Texas DWI And Criminal Defense – The Medlin Law Firm has helped thousands of people with DWI and other criminal defense cases since 1986.

New York Intellectual Property & Technology Attorney – Besnoy Law, P.C., is a strategically focused, boutique law firm whose practice focuses on intellectual property, technology and privacy.

Criminal Defense lawyer in Missouri – The criminal lawyers at Law & Schreiener will provide you with an aggressive prepared defense on a full range of criminal charges in St Louis and the surrounding areas.

San Jose Personal Injury Lawyer – Abronson Law Offices has, for over a decade, served its community by assisting injured accident victims, defrauded consumers, and businesses in need.

Pacific Attorney Group, PLC – P. Mark Shayani is a hard working, experienced, and passionate attorney with an interest in Personal Injury, Catastrophic Injury Claims, and Work related injuries.

Kessler Topaz Meltzer Check – At Kessler Topaz Meltzer Check, all of our work is driven by a common goal: to protect investors, consumers, employees and others from fraud, abuse, misconduct and negligence by businesses and fiduciaries. We represent investors and classes worldwide, and are particularly known for our work on behalf of institutional investors. At the end of the day, we have succeeded if the bad guys pay up, and if you recover your assets.

Lafayette Personal Injury Lawyer– The Law Offices of Tony Morrow wants to represent you, your family, and your friends. We are a personable law firm with a staff that truly cares and understands that people get divorced, get into accidents, and sometimes end up on the wrong side of the law. At one point in your life, you or someone you know may need a lawyer to guide and be there with you in a legal matter. Do not let your fear or apprehension get in the way of you making a phone call that could very well save future legal headaches or unnecessary hardship.

DUI Lawyer Sarasota, FL– The Hudson Law Office was established in Sarasota in 1996.  Before that, Tom Hudson had practiced for 16 years in Cleveland, Ohio, first as a felony prosecutor, and later as a criminal defense lawyer. Our Key West office was opened in 1998.  Tom has been recommended by some of the best-known DUI lawyers in the country.

Myrtle Beach Personal Injury Lawyer-  I founded Will Parker Law on three principles: maintaining professionalism; being directly accessible to my clients and obtaining results. I make it a priority to live up to these principles, in an effort to exceed my clients’ expectations.

Retail Theft Attorney Murray, UT– Attorney McDougal can help you in a range of situations. Clients often bring criminal charges to her. Additionally, she can advocate for you in tenant-landlord disputes. Attorney McDougal is a qualified family law attorney. She takes pride in helping clients out of unjust situations. This is why she excels in a field like landlord law. You never need to accept the legal situation as it is. Instead, hire an expert who will fight for you.

Bankruptcy Attorney in Columbus, Georgia– Serving our clients always comes first and we vow to take care of you and your case in a respectful, competent, and courteous manner. We strive to resolve the legal and financial problems that bring you to us to the very best of our abilities, so that you can carry on living your life with less stress and more confidence.

DUI Attorney in Connecticut– We at Steven A. Tomeo & Associates, LLC are proud to have a highly skilled Connecticut DUI defense lawyer such as Attorney Steven Tomeo on our legal team. He is truly passionate about fighting for the underdog. Whether you are facing DUI charges or assault charges, he has the skills and knowledge required to carefully handle your case.

Personal Injury Lawyer Long Island, NY – Gacovino, Lake & Associates has carefully chosen a network of top personal injury lawyers. During the last 20 years, the attorneys in our network have successfully litigated more than 20,000 cases. These positive settlements and verdicts have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for the victims of personal injury.

Family Lawyer In Charleston, WV– With over two decades of legal experience, Scott Elswick applies his legal talents to his practice in divorce, family law and personal injury. As a former family court judge and insurance defense lawyer, he provides strong, dogged litigation services for those who trust their legal needs to him.

Oklahoma Probate Attorney– Our office works to provide excellent customer service, advice you can depend on, and an honest evaluation of your needs and your likelihood of success, and we treat our clients the way we would want to be treated – with courtesy, professionalism, honesty, and respect.

Civil Litigation Lawyer Cleveland, OH– The Chandra Law Firm LLC is a boutique civil-rights and white-collar-criminal litigation firm with highly credentialed, experienced attorneys who provide passionate, creative, and relentless advocacy for their clients in Ohio and across America.

Nevada Family Law Attorney– The Cooley Law Firm is a law firm dedicated exclusively to the practice of Family Law. Shelly Booth Cooley, the founder of The Cooley Law Firm, is certified by the State Bar of Nevada as a Family Law Specialist, a certification that few attorneys throughout the State of Nevada possess. Shelly is a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers and a Dual Fellow (Adoption and Assisted Reproduction) of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys. And, Shelly has a Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Rating of “AV Preeminent,” the highest peer rating standard, which is given to attorneys who are ranked at the highest level of professional excellence for their legal expertise, communication skills, and ethical standards by their peers.

Estate Planning Attorney in San Antonio, Texas– The Law Office of Seth K. Bell is a seasoned firm that serves the San Antonio community faithfully representing clients across Texas in many areas of the law. As the firm’s principal, Seth K. Bell actively works to meet every client’s need concerning Estate Planning, Probate, Real Estate, Oil/Gas and other legal areas.

Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer– At Michigan Criminal Lawyers, PLC, we believe everyone has the right to affordable, expertise defense. Our top priority is to protect our clients’ rights and safeguard their future from the stigma of a criminal conviction. We never judge you or your situation. We consider it our responsibility to offer solid defense counsel to anyone in need.

Estate Planning Attorneys In Austin, Texas- Hunt Pennington Kumar & Dula PLLC is a boutique law firm created to protect the things our clients have worked hard for in life, from the physical assets in your personal estate to the intangible assets of your intellectual property. We are proud to serve individuals, families, businesses, and startups in Austin, Texas, in areas ranging from Estate Planning and Elder Law to Intellectual Property Law, General Business Law, and Litigation.

Connecticut Family Law Attorney-When your legal issue requires a compassionate, down-to-earth attorney, we’ll have a personalized solution for you. With approximately 40 years of practicing law, we understand precisely when it’s the right time to be compassionate, and when it’s the required to become aggressive.

Payam Shayani – Mr. Shayani has single handedly settled and collected millions of dollars on behalf of his injured victim clients. As the founding attorney at Pacific Attorney Group, he has handled hundreds and hundreds of Personal Injury and Worker’s Compensation cases over the last several years.

Civil Litigation & Personal Injury Attorney In Fort Lauderdale, FL – The Law Office of Richard F. Hussey specializes in civil litigation, including personal injuries caused by the intentional acts or negligence of others, car accidents, cruise ship injuries, slip/trip and falls, medical malpractice, and defamation.

Truck Accidents Attorney in Hernando FL – Berge Law, P.A. truck accident attorneys handle all types of vehicle and truck accidents.

Personal Injury Attorney in New York -The Law Office of Sharon L. Silver will do everything within the bounds of the law to thoroughly represent their client’s interests and get them the justice that they deserve.

NC Land Law – Henson Fuerst is a North Carolina-based personal injury law firm. We grew up here, and our more than 150 years of combined legal knowledge were gained while practicing here. Our North Carolina personal injury lawyers know the other lawyers in the area, the judges, the legal system, and North Carolina law.

Goss Law – Kc Personal Injury Attorneys – At the Goss Law Firm, we understand how serious accidents can cause severe physical, emotional and financial strain. We are here to listen and provide caring advice and legal guidance to help you obtain the benefits you deserve, so you can move forward.

Patent Litigation Attorneys CO – As a patent litigation legal firm, Block45 Legal represents clients in their highest-profile and most complex patent disputes in the tech, life sciences, and consumer product industries. Although we can resolve matters before trial, the prowess of our attorneys is second to none, proven by our winning record.

Grimes Teich Anderson has been committed to one thing, protecting the rights and interests of the good people in the Carolinas by providing them with high-quality, compassionate legal representation. We know the insurance companies, we know the courts, and we know what it takes to get our clients what they need. We’ve helped thousands of hardworking people throughout North Carolina and South Carolina secure the justice and compensation they need.

Kerr Robichaux & Carroll focuses on obtaining benefits for the people of Portland and the Greater Northwest. Our lawyers take on cases at every stage of the process and fight for the benefits you deserve. We don’t charge a retainer and work on a contingency basis. You only pay us if we win your case, and you receive back pay.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Altamonte Springs, FL – John Klein provides personable service to each client, making it easier to develop that trust, and increases your chance of dismissal, reduced charges, or lighter sentencing.
Pacific Attorney Group – Over 70 years of Collective Experience.
Saltz Mongeluzzi Barrett & Bendesky, PC, is one of the nation’s leading construction accident law firms. Its attorneys have secured some of the largest verdicts and settlements in the history of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  It is widely regarded as the best law firm in the United States representing construction workers who have been injured or killed.
Morris James is a leading provider of sophisticated legal services with 70 lawyers located in six offices throughout Delaware. We are a full-service firm helping Delaware corporations, businesses, and private clients address complex legal concerns. Our clients-first philosophy, multi-disciplinary approach, and collective experience earn us high regard from clients, peers, and the business community.

At Begley, Carlin & Mandio, LLP, we understand that. Our attorneys are committed to providing no-nonsense, results-oriented legal representation. Whether you have been injured in an auto accident and need personal injury compensation, are going through a divorce, have been charged with a crime or have any other legal obstacle to overcome, we will help you overcome it.