If the owner of a property fails to remove snow and ice from their property and you are injured, the owner may be responsible to pay your medical bills and compensate you for your pain and injuries.

If you have been injured because of snow and ice, the attorneys at Segal, Berk, Gaines & Liss will file a claim against the property owner and their insurance company so that you will be fairly compensated for your injuries.

If you have experienced a slip and fall accident due to ice or snow, call us today so one of our attorneys can gather the evidence and information needed to win your case. Call us today for a free consultation.

Snow and ice can create a dangerous condition leading to many injuries. The Philadelphia region is known for brutal winter storms which bring about snow and ice covered sidewalks, streets, walkways and parking lots.

Injuries can occur because of an accumulation of snow or ice on sidewalks, streets and walkways.  Snow melting from buildings or snow banks can turn into ice on the surface below or surrounding area.  A property owner’s failure to properly treat ice or snow could make the owner responsible for your injuries.

When the winter months hit and injuries occur, we are here to help.